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Mega888 Download Fishing Star

Fishing Star is always a favorite game for most of the players in Malaysia. There are a lot of new players who would like to try out but without knowing where to download. After all, you can always go through Mega888 download fishing star game.

Mega888 Download | Fishing Star |  Introduction

Mega888 fishing star is an 8 player game. Besides, it is famous for its wonderful ocean theme and graphics. After you join the game, there will be a total of 8 players in a competitive game match. With attention to, different fishes have a different range of rewards. What concern players the most is, what are the fishes to get with what types of guns. By featuring bonus play and mini-game features, it is undeniable that most player sink for it.

Mega888 clearly understand the need of the market. With the rise of shooting games, fishing star aims to give players the ultimate shooting experience! It features 6 types of control buttons with a joystick to aim. Last but not least, there are push-button controls to shoot and a large beautiful LCD fishing pond vibrant LED display.

With improved 3D graphics from previous versions. The gameplay experience surely brings players to the next level of gaming! 

Fishing Star Tips

Mega888 Fishing Star includes 17 species of fish. Besides, there are fun crabs for mini-games and three JUMBO sized fish! Lastly four epic Boss characters. This game is totally a skilled based game, aiming takes a huge part of it. With 3 different settings normal, accelerated, and aim for the target. Different size and character of size have a different reward, the outcome can also be affected by mini-games.

Mega888 is the next level video fishing game in Mega888 Online Casino. It’s fun for players of all skill levels and features with unique elements. Without a doubt, this is one of the hottest game for most of the players out there.